One of the most gratifying opportunities that the Cheshire Education Foundation is able to undertake is awarding mini-grants to the Cheshire Public School staff who are encouraged to think outside the box and submit ideas to engage our students. We look for opportunities that spark new interests, present fresh paths and expose our students to innovative ideas that go above and beyond the normal school experience.

Whether it is an after school theater group, a chance to learn or perfect a new musical instrument, the space and tools to create, invent or implement a new idea, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to encourage our students. To try something different that will inspire and foster a further desire to learn.

Grant requests need to fall within our mission goals, benefit as many students as possible and meet criteria put forth by our board to be considered. We can’t distribute money without being asked first!

Mini grant applications may be obtained from the superintendent’s office.


The Cheshire Education Foundation will provide $20,000 in 2017 to fund a variety of student development and learning opportunities that would not be possible through conventional funding. The CEF board is encouraging teachers in the Cheshire Public Schools to apply for new “mini-grants” through the office of Superintendent Jeff Solan.

“We want 2017 to be the year of the mini-grant,” said CEF board chair Jane Leukart.  “Our foundation wants to support enhancements to the educational experience of our children that require resources beyond what is included in the school budget.”  

Superintendent Solan said mini-grants from the Cheshire Education Foundation, “encourage creativity and entrepreneurship that will result in an educational experience reflective of the Cheshire Performance Standards.”  In thanking the CEF for its contribution, the superintendent said he would like to see these new learning opportunities include as many students as possible across the Cheshire school system.

In the past, CEF mini-grants have funded projects such as .the 3-D manufacturing station in the Dodd Middle School engineering lab, the Apple iPad learning lab at Norton School, jazz artists in residence at Cheshire High School and the MechaRAMS 999 Robotics program.

Mini-grant applications are available to Cheshire school teachers at the office of the superintendent.  He will review each proposal and forward applications that meet the criteria to the CEF board for its approval

“We have this fund available for 2017,” said Jane Leukart.  “We want to provide the resources that educators can use to make a difference in their classes.  Our board is anxious to see mini-grant applications from every school in Cheshire,’ she added.