For the first time in its 22-year history, the Cheshire Education Foundation has a student ambassador from the Cheshire Public Schools.  Shivani Padhi, a junior at Cheshire High School, attended her first CEF meeting last week.  

“We are excited to have Shivani serve as our first student ambassador,” said Jane Leukart, chair of the Cheshire Education Foundation.  “Having her meet with us regularly will help connect our foundation board directly with the Cheshire student population.”  

Shivani Padhi is the daughter of Sarada and Sangeeta Padhi of Cheshire.   After attending her first meeting, Shivani said working with the Cheshire Education Foundation will give her a better insight into what’s happening in Cheshire.  “I want to learn about what the foundation does that has an impact on students,” she said.

In addition to now serving as an ambassador to the Cheshire Education Foundation, Shivani is also a volunteer at Elim Park, with the local American Red Cross, and at the Cheshire Public Library.  At Cheshire High she is the college and career editor of the Rampage student newspaper, and she is on the robotics team.  She sees her future in medical science.  “I have wanted to become a doctor since I was a small child,” said Shivani.

The Cheshire Education Foundation raises private funds to underwrite projects that are not covered by the school budget but serve to enhance the offerings of the Cheshire Public Schools.  “Our student ambassador will help us understand how the funding decisions we make will benefit students, and which projects will have the greatest impact,” said Jane Leukart of the CEF. “We look forward to having Shivani Padhi as our student ambassador for the coming year.”